Best Filled fish 2023


The composition of Filled fish is unique in that it looks delicious and causes aesthetic satisfaction. It is also the best pleasure for everyone. Fish has been a staple in many diets worldwide for centuries but there’s one preparation that stands out among seafood enthusiasts Filled Fish. In this recipe, we’ll delve into the world of fill exploring its history types of preparation serving suggestions, and the myriad of health benefits it offers.

Filled Fish

It will require the following equipment


  •  Fish                    1Kg
  •  Yogurt                3/cups
  •  Onions               2/ Piece 
  •  Garlic                 1/teaspoon
  •  Ginger                2/ teaspoons
  •  Cilli Papper         as per taste
  •  Hot spices          as per taste
  •  Salt                     as per taste

 Instructions for making this recipe

 Fry onion in oil then grind it well with ginger and garlic.


Fry onion

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and Garlic.

Cut the fish lengthwise into two pieces.



After heating the oil fast, put the fish in it and keep changing the sides.

Fry the Fish in Oil


Meanwhile, heat some water.

Boil Water

Take out the hot water and put it in hot water first, then dip it in cold water.

After that, remove the skin of the fish.

Put the spice on the fish and the spice will be burnt, and the worker will put it in the belly of the fish at the same keep the slow fire.

Cook until fully cooked.

 When not ready take it off and serve with salad and can use B with aloo bokhara and aloo bokhara chutney and raita.


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